Saturday, August 25, 2012

Art Inspired

 What is inspiration? Artists use inspiration. Where do artists glean their inspiration from? Is it pinterest, twitter, google, flickr, books, friends, other artists, movies, music?
 I see bloggers, photographers, musicians, writers and other art makers that I admire. I wonder what gives them a thrill, what makes their creativity flow. What makes them smile with delight. Where do they find their niche of inspiration?

Some talk and talk about staying inspired. "Be yourself! Be yourself!", They say. But they all look the same. Photos. Artwork. The pattern of their art looks a lot alike, but yet they keep saying that all you have to do is find your creativity, your beauty, your passion.

I want to believe them and just go out there and make my voice heard. "Look at me! Look what I can make!" But there is a problem, a big problem.

We can't do anything by ourselves. We can't take a breath without our Creator. We can't make a tree. We can draw a tree and take a picture of a tree. But if we look around at what makes us create and want to create and what makes us become inspired, it's what God has made. The nature around us, the animals, even people. We draw, capture, sculpt, re-create God's creation.

 You might say we're copy cats. Truly, artists love to capture life. We find joy in creating life, because God finds joy in creating life.We find joy in being an artist because God is an artist. We delight in art because God is our inspiration. I hope that my inspiration is always God driven and that my art is God designed and patterned after God's creation. May we as Christian be inspired by our Creator.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I now have a photography blog! I am really excited! I will mainly be posting photo sessions on this blog. Don't worry, I'll still be posting here. If you want to check it out just click the blog button on my side bar, or click here.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Tiered Skirt Tutorial

You're going to need fabric, elastic, and thread. The seam allowances are 1/2 an inch. The skirt pictured in this post is for my little sister.

For this skirt, there are two pieces: the top piece called the yoke and the bottom piece called the tier. To begin you are going to need to measure the waist of the person this skirt is for. Once I had the waist measurement I added 18 inches to it. In my case the yoke piece was 35 inches wide. I then added 20 inches to the yoke piece's width to make the tier width. The tier for the skirt was 55 inches wide. Make the tier at least 20 inches longer than the yoke.The longer the length, the fuller the skirt is going to be.

The length
For this skirt the yoke is one third the length of the tier. You can vary the two lengths depending upon the look you're going for. You could make the yoke longer and make the tier more like a ruffle. You could make them both the same length. Whatever you prefer. Just be sure both lengths together equal the total length you want, plus seam allowance.
1. Start by taking your yoke piece and sew both ends together, right sides together.
(No picture for this step) Do this with the tier as well.
 2. Take your yoke and iron over the top about 2/8 of an inch. Fold over again and iron about 1/2 an inch, depending upon the width of your elastic.
After ironing, pin and stitch all around the fold, leaving a small part unsewn, to form a casing. Now you are going to pull your elastic all the way through this casing. Start at the part you left unsewn and go all the way around. This can be made easier by attaching a safety pin to the end of your elastic. (Check out my scrunchy tutorial to see how to put the elastic in.) Now sew the elastic ends together and sew up the opening in the casing.

3. Now you can hem the tier. To do this, iron down how much you want hemmed, pin, and sew. (I hemmed mine down half an inch.)

4.The next step is to gather the tier. To do this, begin by stitching around the whole edge with a seam allowance of 3/8 of an inch, but do not back stitch at the beginning or the end. Leave a long thread on both ends of the row. Now you are going to pull on these threads. (Pull on the threads that make the fabric gather.)

5. You are going to have to gather just enough to make it the same circumference as the yoke. When you think you have it pretty close, begin pinning the yoke to the tier, right sides together. Keep moving gathers around and, with a little time, it should fit nicely. When you have it evenly pinned, stitch all the way around with the regular 1/2 inch seam allowance.

6. You now have made a skirt! You can cut all stray threads and then you're done. For another variant of this design, I made a skirt for myself awhile back with a 25 inch elastic, 55 inch yoke and 70 inches in the tier. (Click here to see) So, the difficult part is figuring the measurements. It all depends on the fullness you're going for and the style. (You can click here if you would like to see more photos of this finished skirt.)

If you have any questions, just ask!
Have you been doing any sewing projects?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Twirly, Swirly Skirt

I got the cutest floral fabric from my dear friend Shannon in Germany. Shannon sent it by mail and I fell in love with it. I made it into a skirt with a coordinate polka dot fabric. I really like how it turned out.

Tutorial on how to make this skirt, will be up on the blog soon. Stay tuned! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

A chest full of hopes

My sisters and I each got a hope chest for christmas. We were very excited. The dilemma was, they were unfinished unassembled hope chests. So until this summer they've been sitting in there boxes in the yard shed just waiting to be finished. We each got our finishing supplies, (our choice of color) our sand paper, our creativity, and went to work. They are now all sitting in our room just waiting to be filled with hopes. I used a stain called "weathered gray". I was going for a vintage-y look. It was a lot of fun to put together. (I got some first time experience putting a piece of furniture together, too.) I love that it's personalized and I'll be able to use in my own home some day.

Do you have a hope chest?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aunt Jaime: A Photo Shoot

I had a fun time taking photos of my aunt several weeks ago. She is going to have a baby girl in just a few more weeks. We all can't wait to meet her. Babies bring joy, excitement, and much expectation.