Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sand, Sea, and Sky

 The week was one filled with so many jig saw pieces. Our family vacation to the beach lasted a solid week and came to a happy close. The unpacking and dusting off of sand began. The going through journal entries and photos was only at it's start. The countless pieces of evidence that we did go on vacation and that we were back home again. Each bit of our trip is coming together and making me more and more grateful of each large and small blessing.

What a trip! What a fun trip.We went to either the pool or the beach every day but the last. We rode bikes around town and on the beach. We ate junk food and sea food. (Far too much junk food.) I forced every one into a beach family photo session. (Minus being photo bombed by a strange waving man and almost having my camera run over by a beach surveillance car, it went beautifully. Pardon my drama...) We played cards and laughed ourselves silly through fond memories.  We ate our first of Gellato Italian ice cream. We even had time to stop at a farmer's market.

Vacations ensue exhausting car rides, that smell of sour milk, and sea food.
They bring the tastes of yummy food. They carry the aroma of new surroundings: new beds, new schedule, fresh memories. They bring back pictures of sunsets, ocean waves, sugary sand and sea gulls.

I love the home cooked meal my dear mom serves us the first day home. Although she cooks on vacation, the first meal after vacation is a real home cooked meal at our home sweet home.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Freshness Of Home

 After a week of fun on our family vacation I am breathing in the deep aroma of home. It's good to be back! I hope to post a bit about our trip soon, but first I thought I'd share a few photos of these cone flowers. They finally decided to bloom the week of our vacation. What joy flowers bring. Even though their quite late for the season, they are just as lovely, maybe even more.

I'll be back soon!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kettle Corn

 Have you ever tried kettle corn? It's like popcorn, but better. I can barely remember the last time I had bagged popcorn. My mom does not like all the added ingredients they put in the popcorn you put in the microwave. (I don't either.Yuck.)

As an alternative we have a hand cranked popcorn popper. It's called a Whirely-pop Stovetop popcorn popper.  Some of you probably have one, some of you might have never heard of one. It's really easy to use. Just put in the popcorn, oil, turn on the stove, turn the crank, and in a few minutes you'll have yourself a delicious snack. You can buy popcorn kernels at grocery stores, although they can sometimes be hard to find.

We have discovered this kettle corn recipe. It is so good! Here's how to make it.

1/4 cup oil
1/2 cup popcorn
2 table spoons white sugar
2 table spoons brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt

This recipe makes a generous bowl full of popcorn. Put all of these ingredients in your popcorn popper. Make sure the sugar is stirred in well, no clumps. Turn the stove top on medium-high. Begin turning the crank and continue cranking so the sugar and popcorn do not burn. It should heat up in a few minutes and the popcorn will begin popping! Wait about five seconds after popcorn stops popping for any other kernels to pop. Then pour into a bowl let cool for a minute or two and enjoy!