Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Song Of Autumn

Each season brings a spring of excitement and a feeling of elation. Fall is filled with the crisping and crunching of leaves, sharp frisky breezes, deep blue skies, golden colors and the anticipation of the coming holidays. The song of Autumn sings through each trademark of this season.

Autumn seems to bring it's acquaintances flu and cold quite often. Our house has been filled with sniffling, coughing, naps and sore throats. (Insert tea, water, apple juice and soup) But sickness gives us time to reflect on the blessing of health. It makes me grateful for every day I have to live and thrive for Christ. When recovery and health restores itself a reminder of how we've been saved and restored eternally shoots through my heart. This makes me ever thankful for my salvation and the grace God shines on His children.