Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Beginnings: rain and sunshine

The picture above is of the house plants on the front porch back in June. We had a large rain shower and put all the house plants out to be properly cleaned of dust. The last few days have been filled with rain. Rain, gray skies, and gray moods. Plus the yard does not look nearly as green as it did in June, but before I finish my thought:

I've noticed that many people (and myself) tend to take the holidays as a time to slack off, eat what they shouldn't, stay up late, scratch schedule and productivity with excuses for celebrating and "...But it's Christmas!". Then when New Year's eve ends we get back to the grind, frantically looking for a sheet of paper to scribble our resolutions on as we start over...again. I am not trying to write a guilt trip-I'm to blame, too.

It's a new year! January is a special month to refresh, rejuvenate and reevaluate our life and priorities.
Schedules begin their familiar hum and holiday sweets disappear. No. It's not a good thing that we slacked. (I am talking to myself here) We should be constantly guarding ourselves against laziness and making each holiday and break, more about Christ and less about our enjoyment. Let us not be discouraged or weary.

The past few days have been making me think that sometimes God sends rain on our lives.  Refreshing? Yes. Rejuvanating? Yes. Sometimes God sends hard times to strengthen our faith. If we get into bad habits and get out of good habits, God will continue to grow us, strengthen us, stretch us and discipline us. When your nice and healthy with foliage and greenery, rain is wonderful. Growth is seen quickly. When plants are dead and rain comes -especially in the Winter- growth is slow and sometimes the rain might even freeze the plants. But as with rain and clouds the sun will come out and joy, health, and strength will abide in our hearts.

As we spend each day serving God, we will all grow and learn. (Maybe learn a few lessons the hard way) Through this year there will be rain, clouds and sunshine, and God will be our strength and our joy.

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 
                     1 Corinthians 3:7

How is God growing you?