Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Latest Sewing Endeavor...

So I started a skirt back in December and I finally finished it! Time really got away from me. I finally hemmed it on Saturday. I got the fabric from a friend and I made up the pattern. (Sort of)

One of my other skirts was too wide. For a while I wore it with a safety pin. Finally I decided to see if I could take it in. As I measured it I realized it was one panel too large! So I took out a panel (Lots of stitch ripping...) and used it as a pattern for another skirt. I added a zipper and a yolk for the top and then I was done...well almost. I realized after putting all the panels together that it was too big. The panels on the first skirt were two different sizes. Thankfully I was able to fix this by taking out one panel. Then I over stitched the seams and hemmed it. A simple but feminine skirt. But enough about the skirt, here it is...

 Have you made any sewing endeavors?

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