Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn or Fall: The Favorite Of Seasons.

Though we still have yet to make the first smores of the season I have been enjoying the pastimes that fall brings. My family and I really enjoy this season. There are the cool and crisp walks, the baked goods to prepare, and the countless things that are a trademark of autumn. We've enjoyed canning applesauce, yummy fresh greens, and golden sunsets and blue skies. (We look forward to processing five pumpkins...very large pumpkins too. But there is nothing better than fresh pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seeds!) Tea is a staple on cold mornings and the colorful leaves bring me happy delight. Then there are the sweaters, the boots and the scarves to add to the list. Though I seem to end up posting about fall every year I never tire boasting in the joys of autumn and this season makes it even more evident of the creativity of our Creator. What inspiration and happiness God brings and shares through his creation. What an awesome God and Savior we serve who gives us so many blessings and joys! What do you like best about autumn?


  1. I love all these photos so much! :) Enjoying the cool weather most of all. But its so hard to pick a "favorite"!

    1. Thank you! Yes. I know what you mean...each season has exciting aspects... =)


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