Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flexi Clip Review

I have been very interested in Lilla Rose Flexi Clips ever since I heard of them.

They looked comfortable, easy to use and pretty.
After purchasing and using them they are all of the above.

My first experience was not very good. I looked at all the videos and size information and tried my best to find the size that would work. I got a medium and I was planning mostly to use it to style my hair in a french twist. When it arrived, it did not work. I couldn't do ANY of the styles that they suggested. My hair's fineness and length were just not the correct thickness for the size that I purchased. I suppose it was really my fault that it didn't work. It was just frustrating.

After carefully watching all of the videos and reading the size information once more, I tried purchasing a clip again. I took into account not only the length and thickness of my hair but also what style I wanted to use it for. I love to wear buns. A bun is not one of their listed hairstyles, but I thought it would work. So I pulled my hair into a bun and looked at the videos to see what size I thought would hold that amount of hair. I got an extra large.

The flexi clip came after twenty three days. (I had ordered during a sale and my order had some how gotten lost..)  But though it was a long wait, I tried it on and it worked just how I wanted it to.

The clip works very well in a bun style and it especially works best when my hair is a day to two days old from my last wash. I like this, because my greasy hair can look nice even when I need a shower.

My only complaint is that the clip can only do this one style. I'd have to get a different sized clip for every style that I want to do. That could end up being pricy, but I think this clip will outlast any hair clips out there. (Before I bought this clip, I bought a Walmart claw clip and it cracked in about two and a half weeks!)

So, I am overall very happy with my purchase. The key is getting the right size. Lilla Rose has many different designs to choose from and their products are well made.

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  1. So pretty! I love buns too, but it's so hard for me to do it right. I bought something at dollar general (walmart sells them too) called Hot Buns and they work really good.


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