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                         Tough Farewells

It was the year 1908, and I, Jane Marywell, was getting ready to go to a new young lady's school. I was sixteen and had just moved from East bay, Louisiana to now Rochester, New York City. After he had lost his job several months before, My father had found a new job and we were just settling into our new  home. I kept asking God, why we had needed to move. What was His purpose sending us here?
My mother kept telling me that we would soon get used to the idea of living in the cramped, loud, bustle of this big city. I was not familiar with this place and everything seemed strange and different from my beloved East bay, Louisiana. My seaside house, which I missed so much was now in my dreams and my new surroundings did not seem real to me. My seagulls, my sand, my shells, my ocean was now not mine. My aunt, uncle and three cousins, who I had not seen in a few years, were the only people I knew. They would be very dear to me through this transition. My cousin Libby, sixteen like me, was my dearest companion out of them all and had blond hair and bright blue eyes, like my ocean. I loved looking into them for they gave me comfort and gave me a little piece of home. I envied her rosy cheeks and crisp red lips which always wore a beautiful smile. My complexion and features were much less stunning and lovely. My dark brunette hair had almost a gray coloring and my eyes were a dark musty brown.

On this particularly cold rainy day, Libby and I were on our way to the young lady's school. It was my first day and I was beginning to feel unsure of the fact that I was not the most bright student and would have trouble making friends. But Libby rattled on telling me all about it and the wonderful teachers and other young ladies that I would meet. Her words somewhat comforted me as they distracted me from my fears.
When we finally arrived, my brow was furrowed with new worries and my heart beat fast.
The building was narrow, tall and drab. Black doors, walls, window frames were the scenery.
The sign on the building read. 'Lady's Christian Fine Arts school'
"We'll stop by my favorite teacher first." Libby whispered in my ear excitedly. We entered the building and climbed a set of echoing stairs.
As we got to the first teacher's room, a tall slender woman met my eye. Her face was plain, but she had a sincere smile that brightened her simple features. " Hello Mrs. Smith! This is my cousin Jane Marywell, who I've been talking about." Libby said with enthusiasm. "Welcome Miss Jane! I hope you find our school as fine a one as in Louisiana." Mrs. Smith said. " I teach writing here at our school. What is your favorite subject?" I smiled at the question. I loved music, and acting, but writing was my passion. "I love to write." I answered.

As the day continued my mood become more hopeful. This school was different but a good kind of different.
I reminisced about my day as Libby and I walked briskly home from the icy gusts of wind.
As I ate dinner with my family and cousins, my thoughts wandered to my ocean once more. The sunrises and sunsets that I had looked forward to each day. I decided to make the most of my new home and try and keep my spirits up. I thought I might write a poem about the the joys of New york to keep my thoughts from wandering.

As I finished getting ready for bed that night, my mother and father came in and said prayers with me. My father's deep voice gave me peace as he talked to God, asking for His guidance and protection over us in our new surroundings. I kissed my mother good night and gave my father a big hug. " I know you miss your home Jane, but I feel that God has a plan for us here." My father said to me before he closed my bedroom door. I looked at him and answered with trust. "I know." We smiled. As he closed that door, I felt that God was holding my hand and giving me peace. This new place which I knew little about, was still God's world. And I knew no matter where Christ took me, He was there, holding my hand. As the days and months moved on, I started to enjoy the cold wind that rushed past me each day. Libby and I became the best of friends. I also met new girls at the school and we now had a bible devotion each week at my house. God had given me joy and contentment. The beautiful scenery here in New York had become as beautiful as the seaside. My family and I visited Louisiana several times each year and I would sit on the rocks, breathing in the ocean, watching the sunset and write.

Here is a story that I am entering for Grace's writing contest!

Have a great week!

The artist is Jean Beraud and the title is Walking in Paris. :-)
Yes I know, I changed the country...

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  1. What a lovely story, dear Leah! Thank you so much for entering!
    Love From Your Sister in Christ,


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